Visiting Berlin’s Computerspielemuseum

Did you know that Berlin is home to a unique museum that celebrates the art and technology of video games? The Computer Game Museum is a must-visit destination for gamers, history buffs, and anyone interested in the intersection of art and technology.

Berlin’s Späti Culture

Want to drink a beer with the locals? Berlin’s Späti culture is an essential experience for every visitor to the German capital.

Berlin’s Best Walks: The Löwenzahnpfad

Head to Mühlenbecker Land with the S-Bahn to discover one of Berlin’s best walks through the rustic nature of the Löwenzahnpad.

The Best Specialty Coffee in Budapest

Whether you’re spending the afternoon discovering the Great Market Hall, relaxing in historic thermal baths, or taking in the atmosphere of the infamous ‘ruin pubs’, you’ll need to know where to find the best specialty coffee in Budapest.

Berlin’s Favourite Street Food (& where to get it)

Currywurst founder Herta Heuwer sizzled her last wurst and closed up her sausage shop on June 30, 1979, but you can still treat yourself to a Currywurst at one of the over 2,000 stands that continue to operate in Berlin today.

The Best Coffee Spots in Hamburg

Find out about the best coffeeshops and cafés in Hamburg and discover where you can take a selfie with a 3-ton bronze coffee bean and visit a museum dedicated exclusively to one man’s lifetime obsession with coffee.

How to Spend a Perfect Day in the Spreewald

If you’re looking to escape bustling Berlin, jumping on a regional train will get you to the charming of Lübbenau in just under an hour. There you can spend the day exploring the UNESCO Spreewald Biosphere Reserve on a traditional wooden barge, lacing up your shoes for a hike, or indulging in what has been…

Germany’s 6 Most Beautiful Islands

Germany’s islands are the country’s most underrated spots. With coastlines along both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, these offshore destinations are a chance to see the country in a different light and explore some of its most pristine and alluring landscapes.

Spargelzeit in Germany: Searching for ‘White Gold’ in Beelitz

Like clockwork, every spring, Spargel bursts on to the culinary scene across Germany. Beginning in mid-April, restaurants everywhere begin promoting their white asparagus dishes and astounding lines begin to form wherever Spargel is being sold. Like any love affair, Germans simply cannot get enough of it. If you want to experience Germany’s cult-like obsession for…

Berlin’s Best Parks: Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände

While Tempelhofer Feld attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, there is no doubt that far fewer people know about the nearby Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände. Just a few S-Bahn stops away from the beloved airport-turned-public-park, you’ll find another impressive urban space with eighteen hectares of nature, art, and technology.

Discovering Erpetal

While there is no doubt that Erpetal (the Erpe Valley) is a beautiful respite from the busy city in the summer months, a fresh snowfall or even a crisp and frosty morning makes this a perfect destination for a wintery walk. The best part? Erpetal is within Berlin’s city limits and is easily reachable with…

Abandoned Berlin: Visiting Heilstätte Grabowsee

Heilstätte Grabowsee is a 34-hectare complex which was originally built in 1896 to care for the rising number of tuberculosis patients coming from Berlin. The clinic survived both WWI and WWII, as well as the Soviet occupation. However, after the Soviets left in 1995, the rather impressive lakeside complex slowly fell into a state of…

Meet Berlin’s 7 Famous Talking Statues

Have you ever wondered what stories statues might tell if they could talk? Which stories of the past they’d tell? Learn more about where to find Berlin’s 7 Talking Statues.

Hiking to the Basteibrücke in Saxon Switzerland

Filled with untamed nature and breathtaking views, the National Park of Saxon Switzerland is the perfect day trip from Dresden. This intermediate hiking route will take you to the world-renowned Basteibrücke, and beyond.

10 Reasons to Visit Görlitz

In total, 4,000 buildings in the city of Görlitz have received heritage designation and the city has become a top-destination for the European film industry. This often overlooked city between Dresden and Prague shouldn’t be missed.

The Best Coffee Shops in Prague

At every turn, Prague’s rich architectural history comes into view. Everything from Gothic and Baroque to Renaissance and Art Nouveau are all brought together here, reflecting the uncertain currents of history in Bohemia and an urban life dating back more than 1,000 years.

How to Spend 24 hours in Dresden

Germany’s fourth-largest city is just a short 2-hour train ride away from Berlin and definitely worth a visit. Here’s a guide on how to make the most out of a 24-hour visit to the city that many call the ‘Florence of the Elbe’.

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