Berlin’s Best Walks: The Löwenzahnpfad

grazing animals near creek and trees

Take an afternoon to explore the Löwenzahnpfad near Berlin

A short stint on Berlin’s S-Bahn will get you out of the city and immediately immersed in the rustic nature of the Schönerlinder Teiche on one of Berlin’s best walks. This idyllic escape is within easy reach of the Mühlenbeck-Mönchmühle S-Bahn station and it is the perfect destination for a leisurely afternoon walk in the sunshine.

Created in 2009, the so-called Löwenzahnpfad path around the Schönerlinder Teiche is the result of a cooperation between the Barnim Nature Park and the ZDF program “Löwenzahn” (which translates to dandelion). It is a short, circular walk (only about 4km in total). If you arrive by S-Bahn, you can expect to clock approximately 8 kilometers in total as it will take you a few extra kilometers to get to and from your transit stop.

Stroll along the Berlin-Brandenburg Border

Along the path, you’ll be able to enjoy the quiet, wild, and natural landscape that’s situated on the border of Brandenburg and Berlin. You’ll also be able to get up-close-and-personal with the grazing water buffalo or watch the Wild Konik horses – an ancient pony breed from Eastern Europe – gallop exuberantly through the grassland.

Wild Konik horses seen grazing in the nature reserve on one of Berlin's best walks.

For avid birdwatchers, there are also many species of birds living in the area, particularly in the spring and fall since they often stop here for refuge on their migratory journeys. There’s even a viewing platform on the walk, as well as some perfectly placed benches, which give you the opportunity to overlook the entire landscape and easily spot the roaming animals. Wild hedge plantations enchant with bright colors of flowers and fruits all year round. 

Meadows and blooming trees are a common sight in the spring in Barnim Nature Park.

Download the app or arrange a guided tour

If you want to learn more about how you can discover one of Berlin’s most beautiful city walks, you can download a version of the Mühlenbecker-Land app, which shows you the exact hiking route and the route from the S-Bahn station.  Simply select the categories ‘biking’ or ‘hiking’, depending on your chosen mode of transport for the day.

It’s worth noting that you can also arrange a guided tour with the owners of the areas, which might be perfect if you are traveling with children. You can contact Christian Sobioch to arrange this at c.sobioch(at)

Fire-bellied toads can be spotted on one of Berlin's best walks through the Löwenzahnpfad.
In addition to the vast expanse of forest, you’ll find a number of lakes, moors, and kettle lakes. These are a perfect home for the nature park’s most popular animal: the fire-bellied toad.

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